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Discover Vaginal Electroporation

EV Plus offers a non-invasive solution to treat symptoms associated with menopause and vaginal atrophy, urinary incontinence and vaginal relaxation, through transdermal and transmucosal delivery of active ingredients necessary for normal restoration of vaginal and vulvar physiology.

EV Plus - Elettroporazione Vaginale - Apparecchiatura medicale per ginecologi

How the Vaginal Electroporator Works

EV Plus by Santec srl

EV Plus - Elettroporazione Vaginale - Apparecchiatura medicale per ginecologi
User friendly

Fast and intuitive operator-programmable software.


Vehiculation of any type of active ingredient, even pure. No product wastage thanks to the syringe housing in the handpieces.

Safe and reliable

• Patented handpieces • Non-invasive, painless procedure • Fast treatment.


Large colour touch-screen.

Manufactured by Santec

The gynaecological energy specialists.

EPV - Vaginal Electroporator

The operating principle

The basic principle of Vaginal Electroporation is to introduce electrical impulses into the tissue of the vagina and stimulate the cells to become temporarily permeable. In this way, therapeutic substances, active ingredients, growth factors, which can activate tissue regeneration and improve cell function, can be introduced into the cells.

Manipoli EV PLUS
Manipoli EV PLUS
EV Plus by Santec - Gynaecological Energy Specialists

Safe procedure.

During Vaginal Electroporation treatment with EV Plus, electrical impulses are generated by an electroporation device and transmitted through special vaginal or rectal probes suitable for the delivery of active ingredients. The operator can adjust the intensity and duration of the impulses. The patient is always in control of the treatment (biofeedback) via a button that can also be worn on the wrist.

Some potential benefits

of Vaginal Electroporation

1. Improvement of the genito-urinary syndrome of the menopause or vaginal atrophy: electroporation, by means of the active ingredients conveyed, improves lubrication, eliminates itching and burning, and relieves dryness and vaginal discomfort in menopausal and post-menopausal women

2. Improvement of pelvic floor function: electroporation can stimulate tissue regeneration, increase the strength and elasticity of pelvic floor muscles, and improve organ support function.

Metodo: Method: Temporary cell permeability

Transdermal and transmucosal delivery

3. Reduction of urinary incontinence symptoms: Treatment can improve the function of pelvic floor muscles and supporting structures, potentially reducing symptoms of stress urinary incontinence.

4. Improvement of vaginal tone and elasticity: Electroporation can promote vaginal tissue regeneration and improve vaginal tone and elasticity, leading to greater sexual satisfaction by reducing vaginal relaxation and giving a firmer tissue quality.

Technical Specifications

Modes of Operation

Vaginal Electroporation

Treatments by topical delivery of functional substances.

EV PLUS is a device that allows transdermal and transmucosal delivery of active ingredients necessary for the normal restoration of vaginal, vulvar and anal physiology. It is based on Dynamic Electroporation, which consists of generating, through the use of special electrical impulses, a transmembrane potential of 0.5 to 1.5 volts. The predetermined frequencies cause the consequent opening of aqueous channels (electropores), allowing the membrane permeability to increase and the consequent penetrative capacity of substances of various molecular weights that otherwise could not reach the target.
EPV® (Vaginal ElectroPoration) uses the principle of electrical stimulation characterised by very rapid impulses of calibrated intensity aimed at exceeding the ‘reobase’ value without causing discomfort to the treated patients.

Application fields

EV Plus

Gynaecology – Transdermal Vehiculation – Vulvodynia – Vestibulodynia – Vaginal pathologies – Pelvic organ prolapse – Urinary incontinence – Pelvic pain syndrome – Pelvic floor rehabilitation – Any pathology treatable by topical drug delivery.



The perineal electroporation device consists of specially designed applicators for vaginal use, vulvodynia and related conditions.
The handpieces, consisting of a plastic structure, include the housing of standard syringes (2.5 ml and 1 ml), where the product to be delivered into the mucosa will be inserted.
The electroporation pulses are generated on two stainless steel rings positioned at an optimal distance to invest a large area without the need to move the applicator.
The applicator has three circumferential concavities arranged after the handle, which parameterise the introduction and facilitate holding the applicator in position without additional manual support.

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    Vaginal Electroporation

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